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Digital Forms

Grow your organization with user-friendly form features. Bridgewater Digital's forms system is packed with powerful features to help you collaborate with your team, streamline internal processes, and make better business decisions.


Avoid the inevitable wait to develop forms by yourself. Let our experts build your forms, customize the design, set up integrations, and go live in days.


Some form features:

  • 8 customized forms included

  • HIPAA-compliant submission database

  • Electronically gather signatures

  • Date stamp documents

  • Automatically generate email copies to customers

  • Customizable process flow: We incorporate the ability for multiple users to fill out sections of a form and review before submission

  • Eliminates incomplete submissions

  • Ability to capture partial submissions

  • Use on any device: desktop, tablet or smartphone

  • Unlimited forms available upon request


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We Build Your Forms 

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Section 508 Compliance
Meet accessibility standards with Section 508 compliant forms.

Conditional Logic
Allow users to skip irrelevant form questions and save time.

Responsive Forms
Let people fill in forms from anywhere and on any device.

Save & Resume
Give people the opportunity to save a form and return later.

Themes & CSS
Design branded forms from scratch.

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Data & Analytics

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Advanced PDFs
Easily convert your form data to PDF files that you can download and share with others.


Leverage key insights to get more form conversions.


Emails & Actions
Quickly send form submission data to the places and people that need it.


Data Routing
Route collected form data to the right people and departments.


Electronic Signatures
Collect online signatures for contracts and employee onboarding.


Email Logic
Send customized emails to the right people at the right time.


Field Bottlenecks
Pinpoint trouble areas that cause people to abandon.

Field Validation
Format fields to get the right information the first time.

File Uploads
Easily collect documents, files, photos, music, and more.

Import and export data in CSV, Word, PDF, and Excel format.

Mobile Apps
Access your forms on your Android, iOS, or Windows device.

Partial Submissions
See the data someone entered before clicking away from your form.

Social Autofill
Let people prefill form fields with data from their social media

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Grow your business online with secure payment form features that can collect money for products, events, and more.
Gathering sensitive data? Stay in line with regulations and protect your information with the strictest security standards.
Collaborate on information with your team and create streamlined workflows to reduce stress and boost efficiency.

Calculating Fields
Calculate quantities and totals for tickets, products, and other online purchases.

Discount Codes
Collect discounts and coupons as a dollar amount or percentage off the total price.

Email Confirmations
Send customized emails to customers to confirm their online order after purchase.

Payment Processors
Connect your forms to the largest and most secure payment processors on the web.

Invisible reCAPTCHA
Appear more professional and protect your form data from spammers and bots.

Encrypt your data so no one but you can read it without the password.

GDPR Compliance
Create GDPR compliant forms to collect consent, document opt-ins, and create erasure workflows.

HIPAA Compliance
Set up an easy and painless data collection process for your organization with Formstack's HIPAA compliant forms.


Create a reliable, secure one-time login for all your Formstack users.

Quickly approve, deny or comment on submitted data.


Multiple Users
You can share forms and data across locations.


User Permissions
Organize your forms into folders for each department and set permissions for who has access.

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